Indroduction, Company history

BC-Energiakereskedő Kft. - as a subsidiary of BorsodChem Zrt. – was registered by the Company Court under number Cg.05-09-011310 on 28 April 2004. It was established by BorsodChem Zrt., the founder of the company, as a single-member limited liability company.

Since its registration our company has been operating on the premises of BorsodChem Zrt. at Bolyai tér 1 in Kazincbarcika, with 12 full-time employees now, under the direction of Sándor Varga Managing Director.

Its registered principal activities are: wholesale of raw materials and fuels on a fee or contract basis, including trading of natural gas and electricity as energy carriers.

The Hungarian Energy Office issued an Operating Licence of Natural Gas Trading and an Operating Licence for Access to Cross-Border Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline on 30 June 2004 then, on 2 October 2007, an Operating Licence of Electricity and a Licence for Cross-Border Electricity Transmission to the Public Limited Company.

The company started its natural gas trading activity from 1 July 2004 and its electricity trading activity from 1 January 2008.

Being in possession of these licences, BC-Energiakereskedő Kft. supplies natural gas and electricity primarily to its parent company and other companies operating on the premises of its parent company. It has its own balance group whose member is BC-Erőmű Kft. in addition to BorsodChem, but companies independent of BorsodChem have also joined our balance group. The members of the trading team meet changing needs of the members of the balance group through long and short term transactions. Our company maintain contacts with almost all producer and trading companies who are active in the Hungarian electricity market.

Making use of high flexibility of BorsodChem, BC-Energiakereskedő Kft. has been providing ancillary services to MAVIR since 1 January 2009.

Our company has implemented and applies a quality management system applicable to trading of electricity and natural gas, and this system meets the requirements set out in standard ISO 9001:2015. In addition, the company operates an energy management system according to ISO 50001:2011.

The invoicing system operated by BC-Energiakereskedő Kft. as a closed electronic information system complies with closed system requirements specified in Paragraph (4) of Section 43 of Act LXXXVI of 2007 on electricity. Registration number of the certificate: HUNG-T-ZART-291/n-2017